Imagine , sitting in your office . You looked up and you see such a perfect tile ceiling. However, while you are admiring the ceiling, you notice one tile is missing. From then on, no matter how beautiful the ceiling is, you can’t fully enjoy its beauty just because of one single missing tile. So you finally called the maintenance and have the missing tile replaced. After that, you now have the perfect ceiling once again.

And while u was busy working with one task u take rest and look up to the ceiling As you glance around the room, you notice that one of the ceiling tiles is missing, while you was always love the ceiling of your office no you will focus only in this missing part ,every time you will enter to your office you will focus again to this spot and forget how is the ceiling is nice and glory until one day you will call the maintenance to fix it .

“The Missing Tile Syndrome” is a term coined by Dennis Prager. It simply means focusing on the things that we don’t have and in the process, robbing ourselves of happiness.

As human beings, we have a tendency to focus on what is missing instead of on what is present. Which can affect our life quality and make us not enjoy what we have and focus only in what we miss ,Maybe you have wonderful life full of joy but you focus only in the thing that you don’t have .

If you suffer from this in your life there some action that you can start right now to fix it ,simple 3 step

  • Got it try to find way or modified way to get what you miss as example if you don’t have University degree ,go and apply
  • Forget it sometime what you are missing is impossible
  • Replace it ,sometime you can find alternative for what you miss and even it can be better


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