UAE market for medical devices is estimated at 3.7 Billion AED in 2016 according to BMI, the market is driven by population growth, a changing epidemiology, a growing medical tourism industry, healthcare infrastructure developments, an expanding health insurance, digital transformation, new technologies and the research drive under the Dubai Science Park, UAE is Fourth largest medical device market in the Middle East and Africa region and among,the highest medical device expenditure per capita in the region BMI estimate the market will register a 2015-2020 CAGR of 8.2%, which will take the value to AED5.3bn (USD1.4bn) by 2020.

The UAE will remain a predominant base for multinational medical device companies to set up regional subsidiaries or headquarters  around 18 leading multinationals use the UAE as their distribution base for other countries in the Middle East,  Multinationals’ offices serve as distribution, sales and service centers like BD and Medtronic.


Re‐exports of Medical Devices from Dubai was around 1.7 Billion AED in 2016 according to Dubai Customs data (according to ITC the figure was around 0.8 Billion AED in 2015) these re‐exports together with imports of 4.1 Billion AED form a good potential for future local manufacturing by the multinational  companies directly or under license .Product‐wise, Consumables and instruments for medical or surgical use and medical furniture represent a good target for investment in domestic manufacturing in UAE.


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