Mary Ann Bevan was British lady born in London 1874. she starts her career a nurse, and at 29, she married Thomas Bevan with whom she had four children. Thomas died in 1914, Bevan started exhibiting the symptoms of acromegaly, which meant her body produced excess growth hormones. At first it was only noticeable in her extremities, which grew to disproportionate sizes, but eventually, her body was affected, and she suffered from splitting migraines and muscle a single mother, she needs to work hard to support her family, eventually choosing to sacrifice her dignity for the children’s sake. She entered a “homeliest woman,” contest for the prize money and won. From then on, she was known as the “World’s Ugliest Woman.” She soon started a career as a circus attraction where she needs to set so people can see the World’s Ugliest Woman, she moved to the USA after that doing the same work, she has since become an inspirational figure for people suffering from acromegaly, for whom life is often still quite difficult.and witness on human being greed, you can see it as World’s Ugliest Woman but I believe she is the World’s most beautiful  Woman. She had no control on the disease and she scarifies to save her family and children.




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