Egyptian dentist Esraa albably overcame the adversity of being deaf to become the first Egyptian deaf women to open her own dentistry clinic .

Her parents discovered her hearing disability when she was only 16 month old, the baby was not able to pronounce any words at that age , they had long journey visiting  several doctors in Egypt and UK .all confirmed that the lovely baby was born deaf , They decided that she should not have to rely on sign language and this will impair the ability of her to communicate.

As a child, Esraa coped well and did not feel that her situation was very difficult, as her father was working in Bahrain , she had good chance to attended a resource unit that supported and integrated people with special needs. She was the first case to join British council to improve her English language.

After Esraa finished her high school diploma with honors, achieving 94.6%, she joined the faculty of dentistry in Egypt, since this college was not available in Bahrain. Doctor and staff in the faculty was so helpful for her case ,however still people in middle east countries feel that people with disabilities is different .but that feeling did not stop here from pursuit her dream .

Not only that, she also became the first dentist with hearing disability to open her own clinic in Sherouk City. Esraa story of success is just an example of how people can overcome difficulties to reach their dreams .



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