Interview usually give you 40-60% about the person ,the new generation is will prepared to answer the most toughest interview questions ,you will have only a complete idea about sales person when you will start manage him.

In the first few months you will start notice something that you did not notice during interview process,even  if you have lengthy recruiting  process ,what you can do if you notice that the new sales person not perform well, this will not affect market position of your product but also can affect the entire team ,imagine that this new person start to lose accounts ,tender or affect your relation with key opinion leader in you industry.

There will be always 2 decision fire or help, fire action will be too costly imagine that you need to repeat the process again ,  leave the area without sales person and have risk to do the same with new sales person with best scenario to have 60% maximum of his capability in the interview .


Step to handle low performance sales person

The first thing is to have clear evaluation and  analysis for the performance ,this analysis should be against his objective and figure ,it’s always important to compare this with other sales persons performance ,after that you need to set a meeting with the sales person and listen from him what the challenges he face ,  any problem with company culture ,you need also to share with him his evaluation report so he can understand that there was fair evolution ,you should start to put personal development program for sales person to improve his selling skills and product knowledge during this it’s essential to have regular individual meeting every week or bi-weekly if necessary , the last and the most important step to put performance improvement plan with clear objective and time frame and review it in regular base .


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