Will grow faster, Learn more and discover our self by getting out our comfortable zone , perhaps travel alone is most simple and effective method to discover our self ,if you keep travel with same people that you already going out with every weekend you have less chance to learn new things and know new people  , if I can summarize the benefits  of solo traveler below will be my top points .

Become more fearless and more confident in your abilities to figure things out on your own.

You will be in places for first time, no one with you so you need to depends on yourself, renews your spirit and gain positive feeling about your self .

Living outside of your comfort zone

Maybe the best benefits from solo travelling is stepping out your comfort zone ,you will be alone so you will find yourself chat with the stranger sitting near you in the plane for long trip, chat with other people in the new city , people that you have no chance to chat with if you travel with group ,so you can learn new things as every one in this universe is unique  .

-Learning new things

Our world is huge ,there new places ,new culture and languages, travelling to new places is a unique experience within itself.

-Be alone

Spending time alone will give chance to understand yourself, you will have time to slow down and understand your self .

-You will do thing you never thought you will do

If you live in Europe and stay there your chance to ride elephant is almost zero, but you can do this every day in Thailand , there is many unique things in different countries in this world and you need to travel to explore this new experience .

-Have new friends

You have chance to know new fiends , people that there was no chance to know if you stay in your place ,some of them maybe will true friends.

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