Use your imagination to think about yourself as  60 years old man ,and try to think about thing that you will regret when you reach this age  ,things which is too late to do in this stage of your life  .

1-Not travelling too much

Travelling to new places, see new people, you should start this early as possible in age of 20s and 30s its always very easy to travel, usually you are single with no kids so you need to pay for yourself only .

2-Staying in a bad relationship.

If you chose to stay in unhappy relationship, then you chose to be unhappy , this should cover all type of relation ,love, marriage of friendship .

3-Not quitting a terrible job

Nothing worst in life than wake up every day and have this feeling of going to place that you hate , work with people you don’t like or dealing with bad boss this mean that you will discover one day  that you spent 30 years of life in hell.

You need to follow your passion and do things you love by this you will be more successful and enjoy your live,wake up every morning happy.

4-Working too much

While we asking people to work hard but also there should be work/life balance ,don’t miss important family gathering ,working too much also will affect your health on long term.

5-Avoid taking Risk

Your going to miss a lot of chances if you are not risk taker ,probably you will stay all your life in same place “When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life”-Abel Morales, A Most Violent Year



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