In sales there is a lot of function for sales Rep ,but  good sales rep  should focus their effort in their most important tasks like finding lead , qualify them ,find there need, closing the sales and get the purchase order .

Personal selling has two types of objectives:



Common Objectives of Personal Selling is

  • To serve the existing customers
  • To search out and get new customers
  • To keep customers informed of changes in the product line
  • To provide technical advice and assistance to customers
  • To provide advice and assistance to middlemen whenever needed
  • To collect and report market information on significant matters to company management
  • To obtain a specified sales volume
  • To secure and retain a specified share of the market

This will turn to specific Duties of a Salesperson he Must satisfy customers; Must maintain relations with customers; Must assist the customers to make good selection; Must develop a good will for the company and the products; Must have cooperative attitude  and Has to take periodic inventory of the stocks.

The above objective and duties will give us idea about the Qualities of a successful Salesperson which will be as below

Establishing good relationship with a variety of people; Learning quickly; Planning and efficiently managing time and efforts; Working hard to achieve long-term goals; Communicating clearly both in speech and in writing; Producing constantly both in quality and quantity ,Possessing and living up to high moral standards that enable people to admire, respect and trust him/her. and this the thing that you should look for in the stage of selection and recruitments.

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