In the previous post , we discussed 2 of the most important interview question, strength and weakness question , today lets review other hardest and toughest interview question .

Why are you leaving your currant company?

First when you answer this you should avoid  badmouth  your previous companies you was working for , or the industry or sector  this will affect your integrity and competence ,first thing be confident if  you have a job , you are in a stronger position than someone who does you can start mentioned what do you really like or hope to find  in this job your answer will all the stronger if you have already uncovered what this position is all about, but if you don’t have job you are slightly in weak position ,but be confident too be honest and tell the truth then try to find good reason which not related to you or your personality like merger and acquisition or layoff due to economy.

The Silent Treatment trap

This usually happen after difficult question, so if you are not prepared you will rush in to fill the void of silence, viewing prolonged, uncomfortable silences as an invitation to clear up the previous answer which has obviously caused some problem. But simply the interviewer is just put you under stress .

The best action here to keep silent too for sometime don’t rush to speak ,once you refused to engage with him for sometime the Silent Treatment loses all it power, after a while if he still silent you can simply say Is there anything else I can add to this point .



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