In the previous post I mentioned the importance of having strategy for the interview, and try to uncover as fast as you can  what the interviewer is looking for so you can tailored your answers to fit for what he need , in this post and coming series of post i will review  the common hardest questions in the interview and best way to answer .

1-What are your greatest strengths?

This question seems to be easy ,but wait many people used to use a common answers which had been used for several decades  ,an expert interviewer can easy figure it out .

Before any interview you should have list of your greatest strength and you should be able to recall this list like when you recall your name , you should have also clear example which prove this strength this example should be recent with  impressive achievement , then again you already uncovered the interviewer needs   ,now its very easy pick up the most important item from your list that match with interviewer needs and support your answers with the example .

In general people looking usually to one of the below strengths

-Great achievement that match with there needs

-Intelligence, thinking out of the box ,and problem solving


-Team player that fit with there corporate culture

-Clear goals with excellent communication skills

2-What are your greatest weaknesses?

In this question you can be totally honest and for sure you will not be in short listed ,people used to use strength as weakness but expert interviewer can easily guess this strategy very easy ,its still better than admit that you have weakness ,but there still better idea as we said at this point of the interview  you should know what the interviewer like to have in the person which fit with the requirements of this position, so now you can match ,speak about what you like most and least and make sure that what you like is matching with the requirement ,and what you like least is something not important for the interviewer  this strategy will make you honest , natural and also have the required traits for the type of the position ,as example if you applying for sales representative you can say I like to spend most of the time in the field with customer and potential  buyer more than doing paper work in office , I am good in doing report on time but I love and enjoying  doing sales in the field .

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